This page is dedicated to the memory of

Joan M Markwell

 At school I diligently decorated my notebook and text book edges with drawings of horses, ballet dancers and beautiful ladies but had no formal art teaching during my school days. In the ensuing thirty years I went to university, worked full-time and part-time, studied with various local authority adult education classes and the Open University and quite lost sight of art.

I graduated from the Open University in 1994 with a BSc in Mathematics which I studied as an interest rather than a means to an end and decided that l wanted to study something entirely different.

I joined a class for watercolour painting and that was the start of a fascinating journey which has extended my interest to encompass oil and acrylic paints, pastels and ink media. I go to exhibitions and auction previews to see as many paintings as I can and I also love reading art magazines and books to help me understand and appreciate the painted image.

I paint what interests me taking my inspiration from my own sketches or photographs as well as images of people and things that appeal to my imagination and might inspire a painting.

My paintings are for sale at the Kilmood Art Club Exhibitions, Lisbane Post Office Coffee Shop and a few other venues.

Thank you for your interest in my story and for looking at this small selection of my paintings.


Still Life


Boy and ponies

Pen and Wash

Dublin Scene

Charcoal and Pastel

Portrait - Annie Lennox




Free-hand watercolour

Figure Sketch


Fruit and Lamp




Rose Jug