Club Events 2015


Ernie Patterson


Thursday 8th January started the year with a photo beginning rather than a photo finish, as Ernie gave a masterclass in taking photographs.   Since many of our members paint from photos, as the weather is not always kind and most work from photos at least some of the time and Ernie gave us lots of tips to improve our techniques.  A great evening was had by all!



Club Events 2014



Christmas Meeting


Thursday 4th December the club launched into their Christmas Meeting which of course included the obligatory mince pies and red wine and the icing on the cake was the fabulous group of young people playing traditional Irish music.  Of course the members who wished sketched the musicians and prizes were awarded for the best efforts.  The other members just simply enjoyed the music.


26th Annual Exhibition Castle Espie




Friday 17th October was the opening evening of the 26th Annual Art Exhibition by Kilmood Art Club. Despite the fact that it bucketed down with rain outside, we had a good turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time, even though Castle Espie had banned red wine because of their pale carpets!!  We did have a few complaints, but the white wine was nice and very cold!  There are 73 paintings in the exhibition and 7 were sold on the opening night ...a good result.

The exhibition was opened by Jeff Monaghan, who was eloquent and praised the club for the standard of the works, and he awarded the Millenium Prize for 'Best in Show' to Arnold Gardiner for his painting 'Scrabo'.



Helen Templeton




Thursday 2nd October, Millie Moore who was booked to give a pastel demo couldn't make it, so Helen Templeton bravely stepped into the breach. Helen was a breath of fresh air with a wonderfully casual approach to pastel painting.  Despite liberally covering herself with pastel dust, she produced two part-completed paintings and explained her method and objectives. A great time was had by all!


Chris Dearden




Thursday 4th September the club returns after the summer break and the demonstration evenings began with a remarkably lay-back evening in the company of Chris Dearden. He was using watercolours and limited the painting to only three colours.  His main interest was to get the washes right and consequently worked on the flat, just tilting the paper to make the wash flow where he wanted.  It was a very interesting evening and his commentary was fascinating.


Ray Elwood




Thursday 6th March  Ray Elwood again visited the club.  His presentation was interesting and informative especially as he was using a limited palette of venetian red, yellow ochre, black and white.



Rodney Howes




Thursday 5th February Rodney Howes really gave a broad brush view of oil painting. He used a 3" brush and in an incredibly short time had produced a really super landscape of the Mournes.  In fact he was so fast and efficient that he caught those doing the teas on the hop!  Luckily there were a lot of questions which filled the time.


25th Anniversary Dinner




The 25th Anniversary Dinner was held on 16th January at The Old Post Office. A great time was had by all and everyone had the opportunity to talk to other members.  It was a memorable evening and the food was superb.


Club Events 2013


Christmas Party


The Christmas Party took place on Dec 6th and was a great success, Musicians from Kilmood Music Club, played and members of the club took the opportunity to draw them as they played.


Annual Exhibition at Castle Espie




The 25th Annual Exhibition at Castle Espie Gallery opened on Friday 11th October  The opening was excellently managed by Ray Elwood who gave us a marvellous critique of the show and then presented the Millenium Palette to Valerie Craig for her watercolour 'Highland Heritage', as best in show.  The evening was well attended and everyone had a good time.



Randall Stephen Hall



Thursday 3rd October We were joined again by Stephen Hall who talked us through some of the educational books that he has created.  His use of humour for teaching concepts to children was appreciated and then he finished the evening by drawing a dragon and his speed and accuracy was a delight to behold.


Criticism Night


Thursday 12th September Joe Gildea braved the club by hosting the night of the long knives.  It actually was a very pleasant evening with everyone enjoying the craic.


Jeff Monaghan


Thursday 5th September Jeff visited us again and gave a masterly demonstration of oils which was warmly welcomed by the members of the club.


Duncan Irvine



Thursday 13th June  Duncan Irvine visited and gave a very comprehensive demonstration of painting in oils.  His commentary was excellent and the fact that so many questions were asked by club members showed the high level of interest and enjoyment.


Leo Casement



Thursday 2nd May  Leo Casement came to give a demonstration of how to paint racehorses, but more importantly, how to pack movement and life into a canvas.


Julian Friers



Thursday 4th April Julian came and shared some of his ability to capture wildlife in oils on canvas. His quiet confidence really inspires and the way that the painting came together at the end was both inspirational and aspirational.


Paul O'Kane


Thursday 7th March once again Paul gave a masterly demonstration of painting a venetian scene which as usual gave many useful hints and techniques which many of the club took on board.


Grahame Booth



Thursday 7th February Grahame Booth once again honoured the club with a demonstration.  On this occasion he was revisiting a trip to Venice and he talked us through a splendid watercolour of St Marks square.  As always Grahame was both inspirational and instructive.  A great evening.


Ann FitzSimons


Thursday 10th January, Ann FitzSimons, one of the club members gave a really fascinating talk with illustrations on screen, about art which has inspired her in the past and gives her pleasure and inspiration for her present artwork.  A great way to start the new year






Club Events 2012



Julian Friers



Thursday 1 November Julian Friers gave another of his inspiring demonstrations of animal painting in oils. Impressively he arrived with a blank canvas and then painted a barn owl in front of us explaining what he was doing at each step, together with a fascinating knowledge of anatomy and the effect of light.  Altogether a splendid evening.


Jeff Monaghan


Thursday 4 October we were given an excellent demo by Jeff Monaghan. He was able to produce a finished work in one hour. He is fast and loose and had great personality and linked to the members immediately.  He has a website where you will find many soft watercolours.


Annual Art Exhibition



Friday 12th October was the opening night of the 24th Kilmood Annual Art Exhibition at Castle Espie.

The exhibition was officially opened by Graham Booth an old friend of the club and the picture on the left shows Graham together with Sarah Lindsay the Club Secretary and David Medhurst the Club Chairman.  The Photograph on the right shows the presentation of the Millennium Trophy for Best in Show being awarded to Sarah Majury for her painting 'Resting'.


Criticism Night



Thursday 13 September was Criticism Night.  And the 'Night of the Long Knives' was hosted by Arnold Gardiner who did a splendid job and managed to only offend a minimum number of people, which is quite an achievement. All joking aside, Arnold did a really good job and threw in some draughting principles for good measure.

Janice Lightowler



Thursday 14 June Janice Lightowler paid us a welcome return visit and was an absolute mine of really useful tips about art generally and drawing in particular.  Janice also brought some examples of her work and the above oil of St Georges market shows her wonderful attention to detail and brilliant draughtsmanship. She finished her talk with a slide show of some of her work, which was very inspiring.


Rosie McLelland



Thursday 10 May Rosie McLelland gave the club a masterclass in pastel painting. As always an amazing amount of technique and professional knowhow was gathered from watching Rosie at work. It was also nice to know that the painting that we saw being worked on will be part of her upcoming exhibition at Castle Espie.


Bill Gatt



Thursday 12 April Bill Gatt made a welcome return appearance and as usual gave really good value by completing several paintings.  He set up a still life and then he showed us a selection of model animals ie cows. He found a silver foil sheet, this was the water. Dragged out a large hand-full of moss and a branch of greenery and set up another scene.  He said he did not know when to stop and proceeded to paint in distant fields in the background, leaves in the tree and tips of grasses in the foreground.   It was a most enjoyable demonstration.


Paul O'Kane



Thursday 8 March Paul O'Kane provided a delightful and informative evening of watercolour sketching. He completed two paintings and gave a number of club members inspiration to try this satisfying art form!


Bob Killen



Thursday 9 February Bob Killen again showed us a master class in acrylics.  He first of all demonstrated how to rescue an old discarded painting by glazing with a coloured wash, his favourite, viridian green. He then painted the landscape seen above and challenged the club members to produce their own version which he would return and judge in about a months time.  So Club get painting!!!




Ray Ellwood



Thursday 12 January and Ray Ellwood started the club year with a bang and showed us some of the techniques involved in painting a snow scene.  He had a packed hall and an enthusiastic audience who really appreciated all of the tips and methods of painting that he showed.






Club Events 2011


Brian Ballard



Thursday 3rd November Brian Ballard gave us a fascinating evening and completed two oil paintings with considerable panache and showed some of the techniques that he uses.  You can immediately see why he is such a popular and successful artist, his certainty of line and colour and use of the painting knife were a definite inspiration to a rapt audience. More of his work can be seen on his website


23rd Annual Art Exhibition



The 23rd Annual Art Exhibition was held at Castle Espie opening on Friday 7th October until Sunday 23rd October.  The exhibition was officially opened by international wildlife artist Lorna Hamilton who then chose the winner of the Millenium Trophy for 2011 as Valerie Craig for her painting 'West Port'.

Also pictured above is Arnold Gardiner being presented with the Innisbeg Trophy for the most popular painting in the show, his watercolour 'The Ghost Hole'.  The show was very succesful with many paintings sold!


Randall Stephen Hall



Thursday 9th June Stephen Hall gave us an entrancing evening firstly by projecting images of some of his work and also by letting us see some of the books that he has published.  Not only is he an accomplished artist and illustrator, but he has a cracking sense of humour which permeates his work. Following this he then proceeded to set up an easel and drew a portrait of a Viking, which he thought appropriate as we were close to Strangford Lough.  A great evening!


Julian Friers



Thursday 12th May we were honoured by a demonstration from Julian Friers, who is currently the President of the RUA. Julian gave an impressive oil painting demonstration, made all the more amazing by the fact that he worked entirely from memory with no reference material.  Once again everyone present learned a great deal and it was a great evening.


Grahame Booth



Thursday 7th April Grahame revisited the club and gave us a wonderful watercolour demonstration. He also came equipped with headset and mike, so that everyone could easily hear his running commentary. As always he was a fount of information and everyone was inspired by his skill and enthusiasm. The street scene with cafe was painted in front of our eyes. Truly inspirational!



Paul Walls



Thursday 3rd March was a demonstration by Paul, who was as colourful and energetic as his shirt. In an action packed evening, spiced with anecdotes he painted the same scene twice, once in winter with snow and the second as a summer scene, explaining the differences as he painted. He certainly inspired a number of club members.  An excellent evening.



Lorna Hamilton



Thursday 3rd February we were given a fascinating presentation of the work of portrait and wildlife artist Lorna Hamilton.  Lorna has already achieved worldwide recognition for her work and gave a packed audience an intriguing insight into the way she works and also chooses her subject matter.



Ann FitzSimons


Thursday 13th January, Ann FitzSimons, one of the club members gave a truly inspirational talk with illustrative powerpoint demonstration on Art and the Garden.  This was well attended and an excellent start to the new year.