Arnold Gardiner

Arnold Gardiner is a watercolourist whose work is based on sound draftsmanship incorporating a fair degree of detail.

He has painted throughout Ireland and Scotland and in various parts of the Mediterranean.  Some years ago he was commissioned to produce some paintings for the Odyssey in Belfast and on going down the Queens Road, he was struck by the decaying grandeur of the once great ship yard where members of his own family had worked in the past.

Since then he has largely concentrated on recording the changing scene in the Port of Belfast and the ships which visit it.

His large paintings are particularly attractive to corporate clients in the Port area, as well as to the buyers of the many apartments springing up in the area.

In 2001 Arnold won the King and Gowdy prize of the Art Society of Ulster and since then has collected a number of other prestigious awards. In 2005 he held a one-man show of 60 paintings, all of which were sold.  He is a member of the Art Society of Ulster and the Watercolour Society and has exhibited at the Royal Ulster Academy.

He can be contacted by telephone at 028 9076 0422.